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A healthy tongue has a shade of pink. In case that some areas of your tongue seem to be covered by a white substance, then that is a sign of oral thrush. This is, basically, a yeast overgrowth that takes place within the oral cavity.

Your tongue might be white just because you do not brush it every time you brush your teeth too. In case that you do not brush your tongue, then you should do it too. In case that the white substance is swept after you brush your teeth, then everything is fine.

Learn more in this article about what your tongue says about your oral health.

Do You Have Leukoplakia?

If you feel like your tongue has been irritated, you might be suffering from leukoplakia. This irritation happens mostly when people smoke. In case that you perceive white patches on your tongue, then you should book a dentist appointment as soon as possible to check whether you might have oral cancer.

Do You Have a Hairy Tongue?

Things that look like threads of hair on your tongue are elongated bumps that are generally caused by a protein build-up. These ‘hairs’ on your tongue generally trap food. Generally, properly brushing your teeth or scraping your tongue will make the hair fade away. In case that none of both options work for you, go see a dentist.

Do You Have an Overly Red Tongue?

In case that you have an overly red tongue, that might be a sign of two different things. Either you have Kawasaki disease, or you probably have folic acid or B-12 deficiency. If you want to rule out a Kawasaki disease, then adding a vitamin supplement to your routine might be good.

Do You Have a Sore Tongue?

If you can feel that your tongue is somehow too sensitive in one specific area or all over, then you might be having a food allergy or perhaps you are going through a canker sore. Whatever the case is, do not pay much attention to it unless you feel that it does not disappear for a while. If it does not go away, get a dentist appointment fast.

Uneven Red Patches

In case that you can perceive red bumpy patches on your tongue, then you might probably be going through a high fever.

Places to Get a Dentist Appointment Quickly

You must know that your dentist is the one who will be able to tell you whether you have a serious health issue depending on what your problem is. If you feel like you need a dentist appointment after checking your tongue or for any other reason, then we are here to offer our services at Tamara Rojas D.M.D., P.A.

We are not only a highly trained dental team, but we also offer advanced dental treatment with the best equipment and only using high-quality materials and products. We aim at providing our clients with the best possible experience during dental exams and treatment.

We offer periodontal treatments, dental implants, oral surgeries, and extractions as well. If you require a qualified and experienced dentist to check your oral health, then call us now at (954) 963-4700 to answer your questions.

Your dentist is the first line of defense against both serious and benign health concerns. So, stick out your tongue at the dentist and be ready for a comprehensive oral checkup. You never know what your tongue might be telling you about your health!